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one to cherish

supporting children and families

One to Cherish

A Norfolk based business primarily involved in supporting children and families

One to Cherish delivers a number of key services for children and families in Norfolk amongst which are:
Onesie Baby Prep Course – everything you need to know about caring for your new VIP.  You will be able to take part in this very practical and hands on preparation programme learning everything from nappy changing, cord care, eye care, bathing and how to settle and get to know your baby with confidence. This programme is available to anyone caring for a new baby Parents-to-be, adopters and foster carers.

Baby Massage – A 5 week course delivered in various venues across Norfolk.  These can be in group classes or within you own home if you prefer a one to one training course.  Learn how to increase the bond with your new baby, develop relaxation for both you and your baby and learn techniques to help soothe your babies symptoms such as trapped wind, colic, teething and restlessness.  The programme is for all children from birth to 12 months in age including children with complex needs.

Baby Fed Programme – a one off course with everything you need to know about feeding your newborn.  You will receive information on breastfeeding and formula feeding  to help you make an informed decision about feeding your baby.  The class offers both information and practical exercises to ensure you know as much as possible before your baby arrives.  Learning offers you confidence and reassurance that you have the information and support on your feeding journey with your baby.

Breastfeeding support – Needing support to continue on your breastfeeding journey or just wanting to speak to someone about your thoughts and feelings.  This is a service available with One to Cherish along with other local services including the NHS Midwives and Children’s Centres.  

My Philosophy for One to Cherish

I am a firm believer of the unique relationships between children and their parents/caregivers.

There are occasions when relationships are difficult to build, I strive to offer services to children and families to enhance this unique relationship.

This allows the enjoyment for parent and child, enriching each other’s lives and therefore enriching the wider community and ultimately the world.

one to cherish

supporting children and families